Hello followers. I wanted to write this to give a little update on my “Hawk Talk” site, and what is in store for the future.

I started this site during the 2015 season to create a space where I could write and comment about my beloved Blackhawks. That continued steadily and on and off for the past five years. I have come to a point where trying to blog every game and breaking story is just no longer feasible. Plus no one cares what I have to say about the current affairs of the team. I am proud of what I built here and had a lot of fun with it. But this is not the end!

For a long time I have had a dream and idea of creating some sort of site or space completely dedicated to Blackhawks history. During this quarantine I have come to the realization that now is the time to try.

I am re-branding “Hawk Talk” into “Vintage Hawks,” a page and site completely dedicated to preserving and sharing Chicago Blackhawks history and memories.

Our team has so much history and stories to be told from its 90+ years existence, and I want to play a part in sharing those stories and moments with Blackhawks fans. Two of my biggest passions in life are history and the Hawks, so it’s only natural that I write and create content where those intersect.

Our old “Hawk Talk” Twitter account will stay open and will now be @VintageHawks. Nothing will change on the Twitter front, in fact that will be where the majority of our content will be posted: classic videos, photos, news articles, graphics, etc.

My desire is to create a space where the rich history and tradition of the Chicago Blackhawks can be shared, celebrated, and appreciated.

I hope you follow me, and learn more about the Blackhawks along the way!