For the ninth straight season the Chicago Blackhawks have clinched a spot in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

That still feels so crazy to me.

For those of us who have been living and dying with this team for a long time, there were many years where that statement was an impossibility. 

Yet, here we are, nine years into this run, heading to the playoffs again, with a real shot to win another Cup. 

The Hawks now have a firm grasp on the Central Divison, holding a seven point lead over Minnesota. 

The tables sure have turned in the last month. We were all worried about which team the Hawks would draw in the 2/3 spot, thinking Minnesota (with games in hand) was ready to run away with the division as the Hawks slept walked through the spring. 

But here we are once again. The Wild have begun to wilt, and the Hawks are soaring at the perfect time. This team seems to have it all going perfect right now. They’re rolling four lines, the defense has held its own for the most part, and the guys between the pipes have been phenomenal. There are still games to be played, but you couldn’t really ask for much better right now. 

Playoff hockey is around the corner, and it seems like we may be in for another very special summer.

Buckle up.