By now we have all heard the news. Blackhawks star forward Patrick Kane is being investigated about an alleged incident last weekend in his home in Buffalo. Police are currently gathering evidence and running forensic tests. All of this coming a week before Kane’s day with the Stanley Cup, which went on today in private with his family.

I could sit here and type out all of my opinions on what might have happened, or what I think might be some potential outcomes. But the truth is that there is very little information out right now, and speculating and drawing conclusions would be counterproductive. We are all aware of Kane’s rather bumpy behavioral record, something that was said to have been cleaned up in the past three seasons. We’re going to find out if that is true or not.

Right now all we can do is wait for more information to surface. Once it does I can make a more educated statement. But for now, I am going to leave it be. This is an extremely disappointing and frustrating scenario for Blackhawks fans. The face of the franchise is possibly in serious, career threatening trouble. There are a zillion different things flying through my head, as well I’m sure in every other fan’s head. But for now we must not let our fandom blind us to the real possibility of something bad happening here. We must wait for further information to surface before we go about forming opinions either way.

With that being said, I am sorry for missing a handful of days in our Top 25 goals countdown. I was busy moving to a new apartment, and then the Kane investigation news made me want to delay posting for a couple of more days.

We will have #18 in our countdown tomorrow, and any Kane news when it breaks.